How to export and import the Tivoli Netcool Environment

Do you ever want to be able to export the Netcool OMNIbus database to look at, backup, or duplicate? Here is a great way to move changes made in pre-production environments to production environments. Export the DB and then re-import it. This command will export the 6 main tabs from the Object Server into 6 individual sql scripts in the current directory.
nco_osreport -dbinit -server -user root –password <password>

Unable to reach the nameserver to get the list of clusters Impact 6.1

Logged into TIP to access Impact.  Went to Policies and was greeted by this nice message: "Unable to reach the nameserver to get the list of clusters."

Checked if the Nameserver was running by going to: http://<Impactserver>:9080/nameserver/services.  This is the default path, your installation may vary.  You can verify path and port by looking in the $IMPACT_HOME/etc/nameserver.props

Can I remove the "Submitted by" and the Date from content in Drupal?

It is nice to give credit where credit is due, but in some cases it just takes up space and just needs to go.  In our case we wanted to remove the Submitted by and Date\Time from our polls.  The submitter would be the same person every time, so no need to give credit.  In fact this may be good practice for all site owner\editor generated content to remove this extra query and reduce the page size\load times.

For each content type where the Submitted by is not needed, go to "structure", then to "content types."

nco_g_xml: error while loading shared libraries:

After loading the XML Gateway for Linux we ran into a problem with the java. Following the install instructions, we loaded the java support packs for XML Gateway first and then loaded the XML Gateway packages. While attempting to start the gateway we were given the following error:

/opt/IBM/…/nco_g_xml: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Multi-homed \ multi-IP box bind Splunk to specific IP

This is more common with smaller implementations, but in some cases a splunk instance might be running on a multi-homed \ multi-IP box. Say you have several web pages or another application on the same box. Maybe you have some management tools for the box loading that take up a specific IP. If there is a conflict, you may need to bind Splunk to a specific IP.