Clickable map links to open Active Event List filters in another portlet.

I needed a dashboard that would display a stop light view of the enterprise. Designed the map, but then how do I make the map elements clickable to change the Active Event List (AEL) filter in the next portlet? Wires? Maps do not have wires. This is how I did it.

1. Create a file called aelpage.html in


2. Paste the following into the file:

Begin Code


End Code

You can set the iframe src to anything. That will be the default start page for that frame. It will change as you click on the map icons.

3. Change and below as needed and apply to the Associations tab on the map elements that you wish to open in the AEL.

Action: Open URL
URL: $(SERVER)/Template/filterael.html?Filter_Name=&View_Name=
Target: aelpage

4. Create a page that has the map, then split the page and select iframe as the portlet type.

Set the URL for the iframe portlet to: ibm/console/webtop/aelpage.html

Save and you’re done.


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