Creating large maps in Netcool WebGUI the fast way...

I wanted to create a map that had at least 200 conditional icons, and then another 50 labels and such. This was taking forever using the map builder, and I thought back to my filter creation experience. If I could create the filters by editing a file, why couldn’t I edit the map the same way?

I created the map, started the grid of icons, and created at least two of every type of object in the map to create a template. I then went back to my install folder on the WebGUI server and searched for the map by name. In this case, I named the map “testing”.

I found ..IBM\Tivoli\tip\profiles\TIPProfile\etc\webtop\maps\

Excerpt from
text(name="Critical_Alerts_Label",label="Critical Alerts",x=18,y=126,translucency=0,show shadow=false,action="Active Event List (AEL)",url="",target="_self",filter="Critical_Alerts",filtertype="global",datasource="NCOMS",flash="true",font="Dialog",size=18,rotate=0,justify="center",style="b",color="#ff3333")

button(name="Critical_Alerts",label="",x=138,y=351,translucency=0,show shadow=false,action="Active Event List (AEL)",url="",target="_self",filter=" Critical_Alerts",filtertype="global",datasource="NCOMS",flash="true",w=17,h=17,type="rounded",arc diameter=20,legend=None,font="Dialog",size=11,font color="black",style="p")
End Excerpt

I modified this file using examples of other objects within the map I had already created as a template. A few quick copy and pastes and we have our map built. Save the file and go back into Netcool, no filters. Why not?

When you change this file, you need to restart the WebGUI service on the server and log back in. Restarting will rebuild the map from the map file. Then add the map to a page and present it to the boss.


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