FIXED: Language command from gateway@NCOMS failed. NOMODIFY constraint violation on line 1

Recently upgraded to OMNIbus 7.3.1 FixPack 7 and decided to test our failover capability.  When the Gateway on the backup server was retarted, the following errors appeared in the NCOMSB.log:

2013-09-16T10:52:48: Error: E-OBX-102-018: Failed to resolve parsed language command. (-901:NOMODIFY constraint violation)
2013-09-16T10:52:48: Error: E-OBX-102-016: Language command from gateway@NCOMSB failed. NOMODIFY constraint violation on line 1 of statement 'UPDATE transfer.security_restrictions VIA [0,4,'Sync_Events'] SET RestrictionName='Sync_Events',DatabaseName='alerts',TableName='status';' at or near 'RestrictionName'

I edited the to show "ON INSERT ONLY" for @RestrictionName as this is a NOMODIFY field.  Fields that are set to NOMODIFY cannot be updated through the gateway. 

The following shows the changes made to

    CREATE MAPPING SecurityRestrictionFiltersMap
            'GranteeType'           =       '@GranteeType'  ON INSERT ONLY,
            'GranteeID'             =       '@GranteeID'    ON INSERT ONLY,
            'RestrictionName'       =       '@RestrictionName' ON INSERT ONLY,    #Added ON INSERT ONLY
            'DatabaseName'          =       '@DatabaseName',
            'TableName'             =       '@TableName'


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