Help! I forgot the TIPADMIN Password!

To fix this issue you will need to have access to the console using the same OS account used to install TIP. 

  • On the system open a console or ssh session using the correct OS account.
  • Change Directory to <TIP HOME>/bin/

    • cd /opt/IBM/tivoli/tipv2/bin
  • Then run wsadmin: ./wsadmin –conntype none –profileName TIPProfile
  • That will bring up a prompt where you can run commands against TIP.  Run the following: $AdminTask changeFileRegistryAccountPassword {-userId <USER_ID> -password <NEW_PASSWORD>}

    • $AdminTask changeFileRegistryAccountPassword {-userId tipadmin -password adminpass}
  • Save the changes with the following:

    • $AdminConfig save
    • exit
  • Restart TIP and login using the new password.

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