IBM TBSM 6.1 Schema Installer will not launch from Launchpad

In some environments, due to separation of duties or access issues, someone else might be doing to downloading. Such was the case for us recently. The TBSM 6.1 install for Windows comes in two files. Not having access to the download site or the download documentation, we did not know this. The person downloading the software only provided us the first part of the installation files. I began noticing that certain directory structures that were referred to in the documentation were missing. I searched all over IBM’s site, all over Google and found nothing. Finally, I posted to the Netcool User’s Group and got a note back that in fact there are two zip files, which must be combined.

Problem: After running Launchpad, the user is unable to launch the DB Schema or TBSM installer. Clicking on “Run the DB2 schema installation program” appears to do nothing. Installer provides no indication, no logs, and no prompts appear.


For Windows 32 Bit installs, user should download Product Codes: CI3BAML ( and CI42SML (

For Windows 64 Bit installs, user should download Product Codes: CI3BBML ( and CI42TML (

Once both files are downloaded, user should extract both zip files into a single directory. Run Launchpad again and “Run the DB2 schema installation program” should launch allowing for the install to continue.


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