Importing a Certificate Authority Signed Certificate into Tivoli Integrated Portal

The following steps will describe the process for Importing a Certificate Authority Signed Certificate on the Tivoli Integrated Portal (TIP) 2.2 for Impact or OMNIbus.  This may work with other versions of TIP as well, but I have only tried it on TIP 2.2. 

Before this step you will need to:

  1. Generate a Certificate Request on TIP 2.2.

After this step you will need to:

  1. Import the CA Chain Certificates into TIP 2.2.
  2. Replace the default SSL certificate for your Portal.

Import the Certificate Authority Signed Certificate:

  1. Copy the certificate to the server.  For this example we’ll put it in /tmp and call it mynewcert.p12.
  2. Log into the TIP Administrative Console.  By default this is https://<myhost>:16316/ibm/console.  Alternatively, you can log into TIP and go to settings > Websphere Administrative Console > Launch Websphere administrative console.
  3. Expand Security and click on SSL certificate and key management.
  4. Click on Manage endpoint security configurations.
  5. Click on your Inbound Node, in this case, Inbound > TIPCell > nodes > TIPNode(NodeDefaultSSLSettings.null).
  6. Click on Key stores and certificates.
  7. Choose the keystore that you created the certificate request on.  For this example it was NodeDefaultKeyStore.
  8. Click Personal Certificates.
  9. Click Receive a certificate from a certificate authority.
  10. For file name we use /tmp/mynewcert.p12
  11. Click Apply.
  12. Click Save.
  13. You should now see your new certificate in the list of certificates.

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