ITM Startup Hangs at KFW1002I Starting Service: 'JVM v1.0'

Starting a fresh install of ITM 6.2 hangs at KFW1002I Starting Service: 'JVM v1.0'. Tried applying FP5 with no joy. Same issue.

Trolling through the logs I also noticed this line: (52B0BFE0.0067-10F0:kbbssge.c,52,"BSS1_GetEnv") KFW_USE_EMBEDDED="N"

This is a known issue in ITM 6.2, and if you reconfigure the TEPS through the MTEMS these settings will revert and you will have to change them back.

Basically, ITM was trying to use the systems JVM rather than the embedded version that is included with ITM. This is a problem as we recently upgraded to Java 7 Update 45, which is not supported by ITM. To Fix this issue, we had to edit the following files.

For a TEPS running on Windows, edit $CANDLEHOME\CNPS\kfwenv

For a TEPS running on Linux, edit $CANDLEHOME\config\cq.config (this should update cq.ini when TEPS restarts)

Change the following settings from:




Restart the TEPS and you should be operational.

*Note: If you use the reconfigure function for the TEPS in the MTEMS, you will need to manually edit these files and reset the settings again.


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