Missing User Profile Instance in IONIX

This may be helpful if you logged in and received the following message.

Cannot find instance ‘ICS_UserProfile::ICS-PROFILE-default-profile’

Quick and Dirty:

This means that somewhere along the way a user profile has been removed that is associated with the account that is being used to login with.  This can also mean that the repository has been corrupted.  To fix this, go to <SAM Home>/local/repos/icf and restore the last .rps file.

  1. Stop SAM and OI depending on which one you are unable to login to. 
  2. Rename current <SAM>.rps or <OI>.rps located in <SAM Home>/smarts/bin/local/repos/icf to create a backup of the current rps.
  3. Find the latest .rps file and rename to the same name as the original.
  4. Start services and login.

Please note, you will lose any changes made since the .rps was last written.  It is common that the old .rps will be several months old.


Better way:

Restore the old .rps, extract the user profile information and then import back into the new .rps file.

  1. Restore an old known good copy of the SAM or OI repository .rps file from backup.  Name the backup <SAM>-bak.rps or <OI>-bak.rps.
  2. Run the following command to startup the <SAM>-RESTORE domain:
    <SAM Home>/smarts/bin/sm_server -n <SAM>-RESTORE -c ics --output --ignore-restore-errors
  3. In a new command shell, run <SAM Home>/smarts/bin/brcontrol to make sure that the domain has started and is registered with the broker.
  4. Export the config data from the <SAM>-RESTORE by running the following command:

    <SAM Home>/smarts/bin/sm_config -s <SAM>-RESTORE export SAM-config-export.xml

    This will create SAM-config-export.xml in the <SAM>/smarts/local/conf/icf directory.
    Edit this file to extract only the user profile that you need to import, then save it as new_config_import.xml

  5. Run the following command against the production SAM or OI domain to import the config:

    <SAM Home>/smarts/bin/sm_config –s <production SAM or OI> import --force new_config_import.xml


A user logged in and got this error:

Cannot find instance ‘ICS_UserProfile::ICS-PROFILE-<username>-profile’

If you can still login with the Admin account, simply recreate the profile and instruct the user to login again.


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