Unable to reach the nameserver to get the list of clusters Impact 6.1

Logged into TIP to access Impact.  Went to Policies and was greeted by this nice message: "Unable to reach the nameserver to get the list of clusters."

Checked if the Nameserver was running by going to: http://<Impactserver>:9080/nameserver/services.  This is the default path, your installation may vary.  You can verify path and port by looking in the $IMPACT_HOME/etc/nameserver.props

impact.nameserver.#.host will tell you what the host name is.
impact.nameserver.#.port will tell you what port to access on, default is 9080.
impact.nameserver.#.location will give you the location, by default is it nameserver/services.
impact.nameserver.ssl_enabled whether or not to use https.

Found that the nameserver had stopped, or wasn't started after a recent reboot (power outage).

To fix the error, simply restart Impact using the ewasImpactStartStop.sh command.

./ewasImpactStartStop.sh stop
./ewasImpactStartStop.sh start


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