Update user defined fields easy event enrichment in SMARTS

I wanted to be able to update a field in SMARTS that would show point of contact information for a given device.  Here’s how I did it.

First, create a matrix of information.  This can be as simple as two columns, device names and contacts.

Device 1, Team1 (555) 555-5555

Device 2, Team1 (555) 555-5556

Device 3, Team1 (555) 555-5557

Then create a script to access this information and use the following command to update SMARTS.

dmctl -s %SM_SERVER_NAME% put ICS_Notification::%SM_OBJ_Name%::UserDefined1 "Team1 (555) 555-5555"

Make any changes needed, or you might want to update other fields while you’re at it, then run the next line to commit the changes.

dmctl -s %SM_SERVER_NAME% invoke ICS_Notification::%SM_OBJ_Name% changed

If run in a cmd script in windows from a Server Tool with context set to ICIM_Notification, the variables surrounded by % will be filled in.

Once the tool is written, set it up in SMARTS as a “Server Tool” to verify functionality. 

After functionality is verified, create an escalation policy to run the script on new alerts.  From then on, you will have contact information readily available without having to search for who to call when something crashes.  This can be used for other information as well, who needs to know about this outage, what kind of time do we have to get this up, where is the device physically located…


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