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How to export and import the Tivoli Netcool Environment

Do you ever want to be able to export the Netcool OMNIbus database to look at, backup, or duplicate? Here is a great way to move changes made in pre-production environments to production environments. Export the DB and then re-import it. This command will export the 6 main tabs from the Object Server into 6 individual sql scripts in the current directory.
nco_osreport -dbinit -server -user root –password <password>

Unable to reach the nameserver to get the list of clusters Impact 6.1

Logged into TIP to access Impact.  Went to Policies and was greeted by this nice message: "Unable to reach the nameserver to get the list of clusters."

Checked if the Nameserver was running by going to: http://<Impactserver>:9080/nameserver/services.  This is the default path, your installation may vary.  You can verify path and port by looking in the $IMPACT_HOME/etc/nameserver.props

nco_g_xml: error while loading shared libraries:

After loading the XML Gateway for Linux we ran into a problem with the java. Following the install instructions, we loaded the java support packs for XML Gateway first and then loaded the XML Gateway packages. While attempting to start the gateway we were given the following error:

/opt/IBM/…/nco_g_xml: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

IBM TBSM 6.1 Schema Installer will not launch from Launchpad

In some environments, due to separation of duties or access issues, someone else might be doing to downloading. Such was the case for us recently. The TBSM 6.1 install for Windows comes in two files. Not having access to the download site or the download documentation, we did not know this. The person downloading the software only provided us the first part of the installation files. I began noticing that certain directory structures that were referred to in the documentation were missing. I searched all over IBM’s site, all over Google and found nothing.

Clickable map links to open Active Event List filters in another portlet.

I needed a dashboard that would display a stop light view of the enterprise. Designed the map, but then how do I make the map elements clickable to change the Active Event List (AEL) filter in the next portlet? Wires? Maps do not have wires. This is how I did it.

1. Create a file called aelpage.html in


2. Paste the following into the file:

Begin Code

Bulk Filter Creation on Netcool WebGUI

I wanted to add\edit a filter collection in Netcool that was going to be at least 200 filters.  Obviously, this would take forever to do through the WebGUI.  There has to be a faster\easier way.  I searched the database, nothing there.  Pressing on to find the config file that contains the information, I added a filter and then searched for that string in the configs.  

I found ..\IBM\Tivoli\tip\TIPProfile\etc\webtop\data\global\filter.xml